Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Different Types of Technology

The Stockholm Cultural House in Sweden

        In today's modern library patrons can expect to find a variety of technology available to them.  Technology surrounds us in today's modern world and the library space is no different.  Many positive changes have occurred within the library walls that allows users easier access to information, to meet with friends and colleagues, study, or even enjoy a cup of coffee in the cafe.  The area of technology provides access to books through a computerized catalog, access to articles through the library database, computer request for resources through inter-library loan to name a few. 
        If a patron is looking for a specific resource in today's modern library a search is conducted from the computer catalog rather than the old fashioned card catalog.  The computer catalog provides the user with a much faster search for the information being sought.  There is usually an ample description to allow the user to determine if the resource being reviewed is what is needed before ever having to actually locate the item.  
       Library databases allow users to quickly search for specific articles rather than physically search through journals and periodicals.  The database will allow the user to preview the article by reviewing the abstract which saves a tremendous amount of time in our busy world.  Lastly, inter-library loans allow users to request and obtain resources from another physical location in a relatively short period of time.  This provides the user with a convenient time saving service.   

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