Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rose Colored Glasses

Rose Colored glasses


       Computer usage for all!  Should everyone have free access to the internet?  In today's modern library, patrons have the opportunity to utilize computers and access the internet for free.   Is there an obligation by the library to monitor users and what they are searching?  There seems to be lots of questions surrounding this very issue.
      Many libraries have installed internet filtering software for blocking pornography websites, as well as sites that promote hatred, illegal drugs or violence.  Unfortunately, in today’s society these filters are necessary to protect our children and the majority of patrons, from being subject to this type of unwanted information.  It seems to be a terrible shame that so much time, money, and effort is spent on installing filtering software to protect the public when resource could be spent on positive productive educational software for our children. It would be a much nicer world to only focus on the positive, but I guess that would be seeing the world all the time through rose colored glasses.  

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